Why You Shouldn’t Adopt a Bunny for Easter

It may sound adorable to surprise your child with a cute baby bunny for Easter. We don’t disagree, bunnies are cute, but the reality of this scenario isn’t so cute.

We’re not trying to ruin your holiday fun, we just want you to understand that adding a rabbit to your family—or any animal for that matter—shouldn’t be done without careful consideration about what is best for you and your new pet.

First, a little Bunny 101:

  • Adding a bunny to your family is a long-term commitment. A domestic rabbit can live to be about 12 to 15 years old!
  • Even though they are soft and appear cuddly, they generally are not fond of being held—which can be quite frustrating for young children.
  • Rabbits need exercise and shouldn’t be caged all the time.
  • They can be litter box trained, but training takes time and patience.

Rabbits do make wonderful, loving pets, but they are not “easy care” pets. We have great resources for anyone who thinks a bunny is the right pet for their household at our shelters and on our website.

Next, let’s talk about giving pets as gifts. It’s not a good idea. I know what you’re thinking, “here they go again, ruining all the fun!”  Well, it really isn’t a good idea. We can say with confidence that pets don’t make great gifts and here are a few reasons why:

  • It’s a personal decision. The right pet for you and the right pet for your parent may not be the same thing.
  • Pets have their own unique preferences too. Some prefer a quiet home without children, while others thrive with active families.
  • A surprise pet may not be the best idea if the recipient—whether it’s an older parent, significant other or child—is not ready or willing to take on the commitment of owning and caring for a pet throughout its lifetime.
  • Half the fun of adopting is coming to the shelter, together, and selecting the perfect pet. Walking through the kennels and meeting different animals is a vital part of the experience and will create memories that can be shared for a lifetime.


We aren’t here to ruin ALL of the fun! If you still really want to give a pet as a gift—for Easter or any other reason, we do have some alternatives to consider:


  • Stop by one of our Sit…Stay…Shops at our Quebec Street Shelter in Denver or Buddy Center in Castle Rock. You can buy a gift card that can be used to pay for adoption fees and other pet care items.
  • While you’re there, you can buy pet supplies, toys and goodies to create a really fun and exciting gift for your loved one to open.
  • Other gift options include making a donation to the Dumb Friends League in honor of a special person or pet.
  • These gifts are sure to brighten your loved one’s day with the added bonus of helping homeless pets in need!

If it is the right time to add a pet to your family—cute little bunny or otherwise—please consider the adoption option. We always have great pets waiting to meet their new families.

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Maia Brusseau