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Shout-out to EVERYONE at the Dumb Friends League!

It’s no secret that the Dumb Friends League has some of the most dedicated, compassionate staff and volunteers any organization could hope to have. On a daily basis, our efforts can be seen and felt throughout the League and in the community. This past weekend was extraordinary though, and it’s worth a moment to highlight our accomplishments.

The Call Center team fielded an incredible 500 calls on Friday, August 17, including regular calls coupled with questions about the Clear the Shelters event on Saturday. As if that number wouldn’t make your ears ache, on Saturday, which was a shorter work day, the team received 666 calls, bringing the weekend’s total to an astonishing 1179 calls in 48 hours. Wow!

Speaking of the Clear the Shelters event on Saturday, August 19, the Quebec Street Shelter saw more than 375 sign-ins and 110 adoptions while the Buddy Center adopted 50 homeless pets. Think about it. This means that 160 pets have new families, started creating relationships, slept in homes and now have opportunities to thrive thanks to the teamwork that’s necessary to make the event possible (and successful)!

Because Saturday wasn’t busy enough, the 17th annual Lulu’s BBQ event took place at the Harmony Equine Center. More than 400 guests watched a horse demonstration, bid on silent and live auction items, enjoyed dinner and sang along to Southern and country rock band Alabama – with a few guests showing some fancy two-step moves. While the event total is still being tallied, it’s estimated that more than $800,000 was raised to help the homeless pets and horses in our care. Plus, 9 dogs were adopted at the event. All of this could not have happened without the 54 staff and volunteers who worked at the event.

During an unusually active weekend at the League, staff and volunteers continued to show their enthusiasm, positive attitudes and teamwork to make a difference in the lives of the homeless animals and communities we serve.

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