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Sidney shares his birthday celebration

Raising children to become caring adults of tomorrow can seem like a daunting task. Some days are more difficult than others not to stray from kindness, and on days when your faith needs to be restored, remember this story about sweet Sidney.

Sidney has always loved animals, and when his sixth birthday was coming around, the boy with a penchant for Chihuahuas decided to celebrate the event by giving to the Dumb Friends League Buddy Center. Instead of receiving presents, Sidney asked for pet supplies. “I like to make the cats and dogs happy,” said Sidney.

“I planted the idea in his head,” said Sidney’s mom, Janelle, “but what surprised me was how enthusiastic he was to do it. Sidney didn’t have any reservations about not getting any presents and was super excited to receive dog and cat supplied instead!”

Sidney learned about the Buddy Center from his mom, and he knows about caring for animals from the family’s much-loved black Lab, Francis.

For his birthday, Sidney received approximately $400 of pet supplies, and he was so excited to deliver the donations to the Buddy Center and see the animals at the shelter. “Sidney received a tour of the facility and really liked the mice, Guinea pigs and a white rabbit—he had no idea those types of animals would be at the Buddy Center,” said Janelle. Matt Levien, director of the Buddy Center, gave Sidney and his family a tour, and, according to Janelle, Sidney felt very special and thought it was “super cool.”

“It was so amazing to see such a young child care so much that he was willing to give up his own gifts for the animals and community we support,” said Levien. “Thanks to the generosity of people like Sidney, we are able to make a difference in the lives of thousands of pets each year.”

Janelle and Scott, Sidney’s dad, are so proud of their son, and rightly so! “Sidney loved giving to the Buddy Center, and to this day, he talks about how fun it was to visit and tour.”

Let Sidney’s generosity inspire other good deeds throughout the community. As for Sidney, he plans on donating more items on his next birthday. From the animals in our care, thank you, Sidney!

If you’d like to help the animals in our care by donating items to the Quebec Street Shelter or to the Buddy Center, please visit for items we can use at this time.

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