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Small pets making a big impact

The Dumb Friends League is known for placing cats, dogs, and even horses into homes with caring adopters. But, did you know that we also have small pets, or SMAMS (short for small mammals) as we like to call them, available for adoption. We have hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits and rats (just to name a few) all waiting on a second chance at a new life. See adoptable SMAMS here.

We’re here to tell you why these little pets can have a big impact when you welcome them into your heart and home. We could spend all day focusing on the different small pets we have available for adoption, but we’re going to start with just a couple types that, well… have a history of making some folks feel a bit squeamish – we’re here to explain why these pets should make you feel anything but frightful.

Let’s start with rats. Forget all the negative things you’ve heard about rats. They are social, clean and exceptionally smart little creatures. Rats not only love spending time with people they can be trained to do tricks as well – how about that!? The more you handle rats the more comfortable they are. Rats are great pets for kiddos too. They can help teach your compassionate children the responsibility that goes into caring for pets, allowing them to work up to bigger animals like cats and dogs. We also happen to think they’re adorable, look at their tiny snoots, long whiskers and round ears all perfectly situated on their little faces (sounds like the perfect recipes for cuteness to us!). Now let’s talk about an even smaller companion, mice. Sure, you might think of them as the small animals that you never want to see running across your kitchen floor and might be asking why would you willingly welcome one into your home? Well, see above. Mice, like rats, are social and friendly companions. They prefer the company of other mice (of the same sex) and the more handling they receive the more comfortable they get. Again, they make great pets for children to learn responsibility and can add a significant amount of joy and cuteness to any home. Also, see note on adorable little faces and ears from our rat friends!

Forget all your preconceptions about small pets and come see for yourself. We have several handy-handouts here that will walk you through the care involved for the variety of SMAMs we have available for adoption. So, sit down with your kiddos and talk it out, come into the shelter and our adoption counselors can help answer any questions and find which pet would be the best fit for your family.

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