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Snowball of cuteness

Who is looking for a loving lap cat, a four-legged companion that will be the Garfield to their Jon? Then meet Snowball, a sweet neutered 12-year-old Domestic shorthaired kitty.

Snowball was relinquished to the Dumb Friends League in May when his family moved and was unable to bring him. Oh sure, Snowball is on the older side and has some challenges that come with age (don’t we all?), such as carrying a few extra pounds, dealing with a bit of hearing loss and having some dental work done, but adopting an older cat has its benefits.

Older pets are often overlooked at shelters, but they are usually trained (✔ Snowball), use a litter box (✔ Snowball), mellow with age yet are still playful (✔ Snowball), need love (✔ Snowball), deserve a home (✔ Snowball) and will spend the rest of their days letting you know exactly how thankful they are to be a part of your family (✔ Snowball).

During his time at the Buddy Center, Snowball has warmed his way into many hearts. He loves pets, affection, playing with laser toys and strings, and if there’s a lap to snuggle up and cuddle in, he will find it and make himself right at home. Some favorite volunteer and staff quotes to describe Snowball include:

  • “Lap seeking missile.”
  • “Loves to groom his favorite people.”
  • “Gives kisses.”
  • “Quite the conversationalist.”
  • “Actually comes when called.”

Snowball has a lot of love to give his new family. As for other cats and young children, say, under the age of eight, hmmmm … how can this be stated as nicely as possible while respecting Snowball’s maturity … no, thank you. We believe Snowball would prefer to be in a quiet single animal home so that this handsome fella can be the center of attention. He is of a certain age, you know, and earned his pets.

Why not spend a snow day with Snowball or every day for that matter?! Learn more about adopting a senior pet and visit to see adoptable pets at our Quebec Street Shelter and Buddy Center, and find a new companion today!

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