Special Cats Find Special Home

Ripley and Einstein are playful, curious, loving cats—just like any other cats, really, with one exception: They both have feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), a virus that compromises their immune systems but is only contagious to other cats. That didn’t matter one bit to Hilary C., who met Ripley and Einstein in our new cat visiting room and fell in love with the adorable duo. Hilary recently wrote us with an update:

Ripley and Einstein have adjusted wonderfully. Einstein is such a character; the minute we opened the carrier when we got home, he marched through the house like he owned the place. He and Uecker, our 4-year-old Lab, love to curl up on the couch next to each other, and he never misses the opportunity to sit in an available lap and get some scratches behind the ears. Ripley took a little longer to get comfortable living with a dog, but she has come into her own here and is truly the sweetest little thing. We love coming home to the two cats sitting and waiting by the front door to greet us.

I hope more people will give FIV+ cats a chance like we did when we went into the visiting room where Einstein and Ripley were kept, because I know they’ll fall in love like we did.

—Hilary C.