Dedicated Service Award: Robin Becky

Robin Becky

With more than 5,100 hours of service since starting with the League in 1988 (that’s right, 1988!), Robin is part of both the Quebec and Harmony teams! She’s been volunteering with veterinary services for the past 20 years, currently in surgery recovery, and is an absolute pro. Staff and volunteers alike rely heavily on her, and she often acts as a mentor for other volunteers, showing them the ropes with a smile!

Mucking stalls since 2012, Robin is also a member of the Wednesday afternoon crew at Harmony. Her love and dedication to the horses shows in everything she does, from cleaning the barn and pastures, to mowing grass and grooming horses. She even loves the smell and says how it “reminds her of coming home”, as she grew up around horses.

Always eager to lend a helping hand, Robin approaches everything she does with enthusiasm and passion. Thank you for 20-plus years of an awesome attitude and hard work, Robin!

Lotte Jehlik Volunter of the Year: Robert ‘Rosie’ Rosenzweig


A jack of all trades, Rosie supports multiple departments in various roles, and he is always willing to do more! With more than 2,200 service hours, 700 of those just this year alone, he is an invaluable asset to the DFL family. In addition to being a regular at our special events, a media volunteer, AND a foster parent, Rosie spends most of his mornings at our DFL Solutions spay/neuter clinic. As one staff member puts it ‘When you think of Solutions Spay and Neuter Clinic you think of two things; 1) Cats 2) Rosie’. Rosie arrives at 7 a.m., all smiles and warm greetings, and the Solutions team is instantly inspired by his energy and positive attitude. Throughout Rosie’s time there, he labels and brings in cats as they arrive, lovingly feeds kittens a small breakfast before surgery, and cheers up staff and cats alike as they all head into the busy day. Seeing Rosie interact with all the cats is a true pleasure, and his love for these creatures and the work we do shines through in every task he takes on.

Not only does Rosie have a deep commitment to the League, he regularly gives back to other organizations in our community. In addition to the work he does here, Rosie also volunteers at various community events, Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado and Colorado Pet Pantry. It’s not unusual to see him around town, volunteering and supporting the community in every way possible.

Rosie, thank you for your many contributions and for making each of our days a little bit ‘rosier’! We are so very fortunate to have you as a park of the DFL family. Congratulations!

Young Adult Volunteer of the Year: Michelle Craig


Michelle started volunteering through Junior Volunteer Club at age 14 when, after some convincing, her parents gave her the green light to get involved! Once Michelle turned 16, her service expanded and has now grown to taking on three different positions. Michelle is at the shelter every Tuesday and Saturday in addition to taking in fosters. In her two years with us, Michelle has served more than 260 hours on top of school and her other commitments.

Although she’s only 17, Michelle’s communication with everyone she volunteers with is extremely professional. She’s incredibly reliable – calling out for only four shifts over the course of her two years with us. And, Michelle even made three of them up by coming in extra during other weeks. Michelle hopes to become a veterinarian and takes every opportunity to learn more about how the shelter operates, and she especially enjoys observing surgeries when she’s able to.

Michelle’s willingness to go above and beyond is unparalleled! Thank you for bringing your motivation and strong work ethic to DFL, Michelle, and congratulations!

Employee of the Year: Russ Witzke


This year’s Employee of the Year, Russ Witzke, Facilities Manager, is someone who is known for beaming his way down hallways, greeting everyone he passes with an infectious smile. Russ has been in his role at the League since June of 2016 and was nominated multiple times for Employee of the Month before winning it in October of 2017.

Always having a smile on his face and a willingness to help in any way. Russ has repeatedly sought out ways to go above and beyond to ensure our donors and patrons receive the best people care we can provide. Russ never reacts to a maintenance request (no matter how crazy) with anything but enthusiasm and has always delivered more than what was asked.

As one staff member said, “Russ is one of the most stand-up individuals I have ever met. He truly embodies all of our core values, which can be summed up by his approach to pursue excellence in everything he does. He has had to work extra-long hours due to the construction, and yet Russ continues to always wear a smile on his face and is always willing to go the extra mile to offer help and support to his colleagues. The Dumb Friends League is so fortunate to have Russ on this team.”

When Russ is not busy fixing everything at the Dumb Friends League, he spends time with his wife and grandkids and his three dogs. Russ loves gardening in his free time, and everyone at Nick’s Gardening Center knows him by his first name. And a little fun fact, back in the day, Russ was a competitive eater!

We are so very fortunate to have Russ on the Dumb Friends League team. Thank you Russ and congratulations!