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Spreading Compassion – Dumb Friends League Pet Resource Center

Working with our compassionate community we will end pet homelessness and animal suffering. The Dumb Friends League’s mission extends beyond the walls of our shelter to help pets in need through our Solutions – Pet Resource Center. This mobile game-changer in Denver’s animal welfare scene is hitting the streets in underserved communities and empowering our animal-loving citizens to provide the best care possible to their beloved pets. At our Well Pet events patrons can gain knowledge and access resources for everything from spay and neuter services, vaccinations and grooming (read more about the Resource Center and all they do here)

Below you’ll learn about two families who have utilized these services to help ensure their pets are living their best lives possible.


Pet owner Dolores reached out to the Pet Resource Center to get assistance for her 15-year-old dog Rambo. She needed help with pet food, grooming, vaccines, and pet supplies. While speaking with staff at the Pet Resource Center Dolores was educated about an upcoming vaccination clinic, directed to the Colorado Pet Pantry for food, given toys, a leash, and a collar. Before being sent on her way, Dolores scheduled an appointment to attend a grooming class where she would learn how to trim Rambo’s nails and keep his coat healthy and clean.

The following weekend, Dolores and her family attended the grooming class and Dolores’ three granddaughters attended a humane education class, where they learned about responsible pet ownership. To top it all off, her five dogs were scheduled to be altered and Dolores was sent home with plenty of supplies for them all.

The Pet Resource Center certainly made an impact on this family, helping improve the wellbeing of their pets for years to come!


Michael was first impacted by the Pet Resource Center in March when he asked about help getting his three cats altered and vaccinated, a service that was cost-prohibitive for him at that time. After this initial visit with the Pet Resource Center, he scheduled to have his feline companions spayed and neutered at our Solutions Cat Spay/Neuter clinic at no cost. Michael felt so empowered by his experience that we have since developed quite the relationship with this kind individual. He has become a one-man advocate for spaying and neutering and has since brought in several more cats to be altered, including a feral mom and her four kittens that he had help trapping thanks to Metro Denver CAT. Additionally, he was provided with carriers to transport his daughters’ cats who also needed to be spayed.

Through developing a relationship with Michael and enabling him to find resources for all the cats in his life, the Pet Resource Center made a lasting impact on him and his community.

To say we’re impressed with the people and pets we’ve met on our journey with the Pet Resource Center would be an understatement. We can’t wait to continue to pound the pavement and help our Denver family, both pet and person alike!

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