Squiggle Bean’s forever home… finally


On March 10 of 2016, nearly a year ago, a cat was brought to us because the dogs in the home kept harassing her. She was living her life in hiding, and her owner believed she could find a better life through us.

A foster parent took Squiggle Bean home to give her some time to adjust and to recover from an illness, and on April 18, 2016 she hit the adoptions floor.

This adorable black-and-white 9-year-old kitty did have a few other issues to work through, but she didn’t shy away. She worked with our behavior team to become the best cat she could be, but months later, she was still waiting for her forever home.

After spending a few months in search of an owner at the Buddy Center, Squiggle Bean came back to the Quebec Street Shelter in February. We assembled a basket of supplies to go with her adoption, and doubled down our efforts to find her the forever home she deserved.
And thankfully, Squiggle Bean wouldn’t need to wait too much longer.

Last Friday, 358 days after she came through our doors, Squiggle Bean found her forever home. Katie K. couldn’t bear to have Squigs spend another day without knowing the comforts of home—and she opened her heart to finally give this fantastic feline the life she deserved.

Oh … and she’s keeping the name Squiggle Bean.

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