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Starting the Year with Love

Cats Thomas and Mira found themselves at the Dumb Friends League for the second time in less than a year in late December 2019. Having spent their entire lives together, they were once again in search of a home with room for them both.

First adoption of the new year

Adopter Erin and her family were heartbroken after the loss of their beloved 16-year-old cat. Ready to adopt again, they were in search of a cat that would meet all their needs. With dogs and children in the home, Erin wanted to ensure it would be a good fit for both the family and the pet. She read about adoptable cats Thomas and Mira on the Dumb Friends League website, saw that they had a history of living well with children, and decided to meet the pair.

In addition to looking for a cat with a specific history, Erin and her daughter each had criteria of their own. Erin has a special place in her heart for shy cats, whereas her 7-year-old daughter was in the market for a social butterfly. Seems, mutually exclusive – right? Well, as it happened, cats Mira and Thomas were the yin to the family’s yang. With Mira being a bit more reserved and shy and Thomas being an outgoing fella, they were the perfect match for the family.

Erin reports that Mira (now Ivy) and Thomas (now Finnick) are settling in well “and getting to know their canine brother. Finnick is very outgoing and always looking for attention. My daughter is very excited about his cuddliness.” Whereas, “Ivy is much more cautious and excels at hide and seek. She is happy to accept attention but doesn’t seek it out quite yet.”

Looking forward to the decade ahead

Cats Finnick and Ivy have a lot to look forward to in the decade ahead. They have a warm home filled with love, cuddles, and each other.

Is your new year missing something? We encourage you to set those New Year’s resolutions aside and instead start your year with love. Heck, you might find a pet that can help you meet your goals.

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