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Teacher’s Corner: How the Dumb Friends League helped one school

Classroom with ambassadog

Mosley P-8 Program Coordinator Anna Sommerhauser shares her experiences with Dumb Friends League Community Educator Kyle Warner.

Kyle: How did you first learn about Dumb Friends League education programs?

Anna: I learned about them from another teacher who had used the League for an educational program in her classroom.

Kyle: Why did you feel the League’s education lessons were a good resource for your school?

Anna: The lessons are engaging and provide students with information that they may not get in school otherwise. Planning programming for students who are learning English as a second language allows connected content with the educational programming providing by the Dumb Friends League.

Kyle: What is the overall impact of these programs on the community?

Anna: Some of the topics we’ve had in our mini-units have included animal population and how to approach a dog, which I think provide lasting benefits for students. It helps them become more responsible as they interact with and own animals.

Kyle: Which lesson most affected your students?

Anna: My students really responded to the pollution artifacts that were collected from animals. I think they connected with the photos of animals being impacted by our lifestyles and choices.

Kyle: What has the response been from students and teachers to our visits?

Anna: The teachers and students love it when they have a visit from the League. The kids are very motivated by the visit and it provides the teachers with additional content information to teach with. Over time we’ve built mini-units to accompany the visits from the League, so the kids get to talk about the learning beyond the visit.

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