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Teacher’s Corner: Kids Champion Animal Welfare

Child's Drawing of Adoption

The fourth-grade class at Denver Jewish Day School rolled up their sleeves to create promotional posters and essays on the positive benefits of adopting pets from a shelter and in general, caring for pets and other animal welfare messages. Here are some samples from the essays, all of which were beautifully written and heartfelt:

“Parents, I know what you might say. ‘I don’t need another responsibility.’ But guess what, parents, the child will take care of the dog … I wrote this persuasive essay because I don’t have a dog. I know how people feel that want a dog. Parents, please, at least think about getting a dog!”

“[Adoption] is like a win, win, win, because you save a life, it’s not very much money, and it doesn’t take much time. Did you know most preowned dogs are already housetrained? Even if you adopt a dog that has never had an owner.”

“All kids should be able to have dogs. When school gets hard you can talk to them. They won’t tell anyone. Dogs are also best friends that are always there for you. Dogs can help kids go through life in a much easier way.”

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