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Teacher’s Corner: These third-graders loved our visit

Class Thank You Note

On Sept. 26, Kelsey San Buenaventura and her ambassador dog, Lily, presented a humane education program to a total of 75 third-graders in three separate classrooms at Bear Canyon Elementary School. Following that visit, she received an illustrated booklet of thank you letters from the children. Here’s a sampling of their comments:

“Thank you for teaching us about Denver Dumb Friendsly.”

“It is cool how you put a chip on the pets neck and if you lost them you can find them on a computer and get them.”

“I learnd all animall senters work together. Thank you for letting us pet Lily.”

“I learned that you never say keep your pet you take it till you find a place for it to stay for life. A nuther thing I learned about the DDFL was you have 1,116 pets I think at least.”

“I was sprisd that you guys got a scorpion. Do you guys get Black widows?”

“I learnd fordy three present of dogs have colers and three present of cats. You reskeu pets and you put them up for adoption.

“I loved seeing Lily and I liked petting and scratching her belly. Do you have any bears that came? Can kids work there?”

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