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Tessie – Adopted!

Let’s talk Tessie. It goes without saying that this 9-year-old girl is adorable. But, as we all know beauty is about more than what is on the outside – and, this sweet girl’s personality makes her stunning!

Tessie can be shy at first and is currently in a foster home where, thanks to compassion and patience, she is coming out of her shell and learning to trust people again.

As she’s gotten more comfortable, her personality has blossomed and her foster parent shared some of her adorable, albeit quirky, tendencies with us, like her love of water– from drinking water directly from the faucet to joining her foster parents for their morning showers. In addition to these adorable quirks, they also brag about her intelligence, her spunk and her loyalty to both the humans and other felines in the household. She has a passion for sunbeams and is a star with her litterbox habits. Sounds like the perfect cat, right?

While Tessie is great, it is important to mention that she is looking for a particular type of home. Due to her fear, we think she’d do best in a quiet home with owners who understand that it might take her some time to reach her full potential. But, if you’re willing to work with her, we promise that her charming personality is well worth the wait.

We know she might not be the right cat for every family, but we also know her perfect match is out there somewhere – hey, it could be you – so, why not come out for a visit?

If you are interested in learning more about Tessie (including seeing an adorable video) or other pets available for adoption at the Dumb Friends League, visit or call us at (303) 751-5772. Or, to learn more about helping pets like Tessie in our Homes with Hearts Foster Program visit

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