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Thank You for Mollie


In May 2015, I put my beloved cat Sadie to sleep after her kidneys failed. It was an emotionally difficult time for me as she was my best friend and companion for so many years. She was also best friend to my cat Millie, who took Sadie’s sudden absence very hard. She was noticeably depressed, withdrawn (normally a lap cat, she wanted little to do with me), and constantly wandered around my home searching for Sadie, and when she’d wander out onto the balcony (Sadie’s favorite spot) and not find her, she’d curl up into a ball in what was once her sunning spot, appearing sad.

She needed a new friend. I went to your Quebec St. facility and began searching for a new companion not only for Millie but for me as well. I “interviewed” many different cats, but none had the personality I was looking for – friendly, playful, and most importantly, one who loved laps.

I was ready to give up, and one of your volunteers said, “I have one more suggestion for you…would you like to meet her?” I felt like it couldn’t hurt, so out came Fluffy (now Mollie). She was timid at first, hiding under the desk in the interview room, but as time passed, she came out and began talking to me. She rubbed against my legs, purred loudly and continuously, and then…jumped on my lap and rubbed my face with her little head. That’s when I knew she’d chosen me.

A year later, she’s a happy healthy girl who has been a wonderful addition to my home. It took some time for Millie to warm up to her, but they’re friendly now and often chase one another around the house. They both sleep with me at night, which is lovely in winter weather. Recently I broke my foot, requiring surgery, a month of bed rest, and much time off work. During those long months she was my constant companion, sleeping on my chest all day as I laid in bed, following me around the house as I slowly moved from room to room as if to make sure I was okay, and most importantly, keeping me company during those long, painful days.

Thank you for caring for her and suggesting her as my new friend. She and my Millie are my two favorite things to come home to everyday, and I can’t imagine life without either of them.

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