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The calm before the Storm

Storm in Box

We need to talk about Storm. She is a young 10-year-old, brown tabby cat with a playful demeanor and an **ummm** saucy personality. It doesn’t take much time to see that she has earned her name. Just like a storm she can sneak up on you and be a bit unpredictable but, similar to inclement weather, she is beautiful, she is powerful and she is unique.

The adjective “independent” is probably an appropriate way to describe Storm – most of the time. To be clear, Storm is not an “I never want to be seen or touched” type of gal. She has been known to demand petting and will greet people with a heart-melting kitty chirp. She’s playful and would be a great companion to cozy up with while reading your favorite book. She does, however, like to be left alone on occasion and will tell you when enough is enough.

While at the shelter our behavior specialist have been working with Storm on controlling her behaviors and learning how to read her signals. We’ve learned that this is one sharp kitty. She understands clicker training and loves treats. A home willing to provide training through positive reinforcement and one who will learn her signals will be rewarded with a lifelong friend in Storm.

We know there is a person out there that will be the perfect match for her. Someone who understands cats, whose patience and kindness will mirror Storm’s sometimes impulsive behaviors. Someone who lives in a quiet home with adult humans and without other pets – she’s a queen of the castle type of lady.

Most important of all we’d really like to see her find her forever home. Storm has been at the Dumb Friends League since early January, and we just know she’ll blossom in the right home environment. And, while storms can be scary at times they make the most beautiful sunsets – we hope you’ll consider walking into one with her.

To learn more about Storm or other pets available for adoption visit or call the shelter at 303.751.5772. All adoptions include spay or neuter surgeries, age-appropriate vaccinations, a microchip ID and a free veterinary visit with a participating veterinarian.

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