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Rubeus Hagrid gained the love of Harry Potter fans throughout the world with his loyal, friendly and softhearted demeanor. Whether a literary character cohort or an avid reader absorbed in the tales, the half-human, half-giant captured everyone’s hearts, and when a cat with these qualities arrived at the Dumb Friends League, it was easy to see the similarities.

Hagrid came to the Quebec Street Shelter after his owner passed away. The 9-year-old gray domestic long-haired feline was obese at 32 pounds. He had damaged nails that bled on both rear paws and a bowed forelimb that was obvious when he walked—all of which were attributed to his weight. With a sweet disposition as large as his body, Hagrid was immediately put on Hill’s® Prescription Diet® w/d® food to get his weight under control.

Hagrid quickly charmed everyone at the League with his stunning golden-green eyes, vocal purrs and sheer enjoyment at being brushed. It’s difficult to imagine a cat Hagrid’s size being playful, but that’s just what he showed all who met him despite maintaining a penchant for being a social eater and happily sitting by his food bowl.

Dylan and Jenna planned on a quick trip to the League to scope out some kittens. Instead, they came upon Hagrid, who, at that point, was down to 27 pounds. Initially, the couple was attracted to Hagrid by his name and, of course, the sheer size of him. “When I first saw him, I actually thought he was a blanket,” said Jenna. “The second time we passed him, I realized that the blanket had ears!”

Hagrid has adjusted to his new home perfectly and spends his days meowing (mostly for food) and having staring contests with Jenna and Dylan’s gerbil, Tom Riddle. Jenna shared that Hagrid has a special talent for getting underfoot unexpectedly, and when a trip occurs, Hagrid is quick to give kisses and gentle head butts.

Hagrid is slowly and surely losing weight in a healthy manner and is now 24 pounds.

With love, playtime and a proper diet, as opposed to magic wands, spells and wizardry, Hagrid the magnificent cat is thriving. “Everyone was really great,” said Jenna. “The adoption process was super smooth!”

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