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Supporting the League from afar

In 2016, Amanda and Lee Ibrahim packed up their family for a new lifestyle and warmer weather in Hawaii. While the couple left behind Colorado and their friends, which was not an easy decision, their support of the Dumb Friends League continues to endure with more than 3,000 miles between the Centennial State and the Aloha State.

Having pets has always been a part of Amanda and Lee’s lives. Both grew up with cats, and the couple rescued their first feline together within a year of meeting one another. It didn’t take long before they were a family of 10 with six rescue cats and two rescue dogs.

Amanda volunteered with the Humane Society of Boulder Valley for three years when the couple lived in Broomfield. When they moved to Stapleton in early 2014, she began volunteering for the League after hearing about the great work the organization did.

The couple donated to the League, attended events, and for three years, Amanda volunteered at the Leslie A. Malone Center as an advanced dog walker. It was in this capacity she met Trina, a sweet senior Labrador retriever, who she walked several days a week. In 2015, Trina joined Amanda and Lee’s family.

“It had been over a year since our last dog had passed away, and we were ready to rescue another old soul,” said Lee. “Trina fit in perfectly from the minute she trotted into her new home, and our family was complete again. She enjoyed cuddling as much, if not more than, our cats. Her walks were her favorite things to do. And she was always up for an adventure with us. Trina was the perfect dog for us and brought us so much joy and happiness! We were so lucky to have her live out her golden years with us for four years in Colorado and Maui.”

Trina passed away after being diagnosed with cancer and battling other issues with her back legs that made daily life a struggle in many ways. “We loved Trina with every ounce of our hearts,” said Lee.

The couple wanted to honor Trina in a permanent way and chose to dedicate one of the League’s new flex kennels as a tribute to the pup they loved so deeply.

Helping animals is where Amanda and Lee choose to focus their attention in terms of philanthropy. “Our connection to the League via Amanda’s volunteerism and our adoption of Trina gives us a stronger connection,” said Lee.

When asked why they continue to support the League despite having moved out of state, Lee said, “The League continues to impress us with their commitment to all the animals that come through their doors. Also, the tremendous thought and care that went into the newly renovated building for the animals is incredible. We had the opportunity to visit the Leslie A. Malone Center and see the renovations in September. The thought that went into every detail is remarkable. It makes us very happy to know that the animals get the love and care they need while waiting for their forever homes.”

Amanda and Lee’s home is filled with two cats, who are 17- and 18-years old. “Due to their ages and medical issues, we have decided not to introduce any new family members while they are still with us,” said Lee. While Amanda and Lee miss Colorado (although apparently not the snow and cold!), they will always have a special place in the League’s heart, and their continued support from afar is inspiring and appreciated.

Whether the League is in your backyard, or a few neighborhoods away, please continue supporting our vital work. Visit today.

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