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The perfect excuse – Chewie

Chewie arrived at the Dumb Friends League in August of 2015 as part of a rescue out of Ordway, Colorado of more than 140 dogs. Chewie weighed less than 2 pounds when she arrived. After receiving care and nutritious food from Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Chewie gained enough weight and was able to go up for adoption.

Dawn knew Chewie was the dog for her when the tiny puppy came directly over to her, climbed into her lap and gave her kisses. Three months prior to adopting little Chewie, Dawn had been diagnosed with a brain tumor, and after a frightening diagnosis, she became depressed. It was that moment, that day in the kennel at the Dumb Friends League that changed both Chewie and Dawn’s life for the better.

Chewie became Dawn’s constant. She was Dawn’s excuse, her reason to get up and go. Either it was because Chewie needed to be taken outside, to be fed or because Chewie would benefit from a walk. Regardless of the reason, Chewie made it just a little easier every day, and soon they were hiking and enjoying their days outside of the house. Chewie started accompanying Dawn to her medical appointments, and they even visited the local coffee shop together. Chewie’s adorable looks and affectionate personality drew people to her and, in turn, to Dawn. Those days where Dawn wanted to stay inside were over. Chewie was the reason, her reason to take her mind off her diagnosis, her reason to laugh, to smile and to put one foot in front of the other. Chewie eventually became Dawn’s support dog and has been her side-kick for the past three years. Not only does she help Dawn navigate the emotional challenges that accompany her diagnosis, she helps with some of the physical symptoms as well. Due to the location of the brain tumor, Dawn suffers from twitchy muscles when sitting too long, the simple act of petting her calms her nervous system down and helps alleviate her symptoms.

Chewie hit the jackpot the day that Dawn welcomed her home, but it was Dawn who benefited from the comfort of this tiny soul, who forever changed her life and continues to help brighten her days.

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