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The perfectly imperfect Lolly

Let’s talk about Lolly. For starters, she’s adorable. She has a gorgeous gray tabby coat and a slightly round figure that just adds to her friendly and goofy disposition. Lolly is mostly toothless and came to us without her front claws. She’s sure to greet you with her adorable meow while looking at you through her kind eyes. To Lolly, you are perfect, and her gentle gaze will tell you just that.

Speaking of perfect. As much as we’d love to end Lolly’s story here and tell you that she has no faults that just wouldn’t be true, and who’s perfect anyway? So, in the interest of transparency, we have to tell you about some of her special qualities. Now, before we get into the nitty-gritty, we want you to know that Lolly is truly wonderful and will make a great companion for the right home. So, while you’re reading, we ask that you keep that seed in the back of your mind and remember that no one person or thing is ever perfect. Behind the less than desirable qualities we’re about to tell you about, is a great cat just hoping to meet the person of her dreams.

Lolly is affectionate, there’s no question but as an 11-year-old gal she knows when she’s had enough. She’ll readily accept your pets until she’s done and she’ll let you know when she’s done. It might be with a simple facial expression (you’ll know what we mean once you see it), or she may bat at you with her clawless paws. If you don’t listen, Lolly may take it to the next level threatening a mostly toothless gummy bite – but, rest assured as long as you give her space and listen to her body language, you’re likely to avoid being gummed … we mean … bitten. This behavior is referred to as overstimulation in the feline biz. Our adoption counselors and behavior staff will chat with you more about what to watch for and how to keep both you and Lolly happy. You can also read more about it here. In addition to her overstimulation tendencies, Lolly doesn’t have the best record with using her litterbox. BIG. RED. FLAG. We get it. Hear us out. We believe that Lolly’s litterbox issues are a result of stress. She has been in and out of the shelter environment three times since 2017 and has had good litterbox manners while at the shelter. To keep her stress low, we are recommending that she go to a quiet home where she can be the only pet and can spend her days lounging in sunny windows, getting attention on her terms and enjoying play sessions to help with her overstimulation behavior.

Lolly is a great cat. She has become a staff favorite. Greeting us each morning with her kind meow and gentle eyes. Lying atop her cat tower she watches adopter after adopter select another pet to welcome into their homes and wonders when that lucky person will wander into her room. Our advice? Come meet Lolly. Let her personality speak for itself. She may not be the easiest cat you’ve ever had but the best things in life never are. Are you up for it? The reward is a lifetime of love, laughter and a forever grateful feline in Lolly.

Lolly is available for adoption at the Dumb Friends League Leslie A. Malone Center in Denver. Her adoption includes her spay surgery, all age-appropriate vaccinations, including rabies, a microchip ID, a follow-up visit with a participating veterinarian and 30 days of free pet insurance from Pet First. In addition to the normal goods that come with all cat adoptions, you’ll receive a behavior consult with a staff behavior specialist to help you learn more about her special needs and how to set her up for success in your home. Visit or call us at 303.751.5772 to learn more about Lolly or other great pets that are available for adoption.

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