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The tale of two animals

Carl and Ivan entered the Dumb Friends League in desperate need of medical care. Below are their stories:

Carl the happy lab who needed a second chance at a new life

It all started with a ride. A practice that most dogs dream of, the joy of jumping in the car and experiencing whatever adventure is waiting at the end of the magical journey. For Carl, a 4-year-old yellow Labrador retriever, this ride was just the beginning of what would become the biggest experience with the happiest ending of his entire life. Carl, unable to find a home in Oklahoma was brought to the Dumb Friends League Buddy Center in Castle Rock. It didn’t take long for the handsome lab to befriend all around him, true to his nature, and start getting noticed. It was here that we found Carl would require more care than was initially thought. Carl’s right hind leg was showing signs of severe muscle wasting, causing the young dog to walk with a limp. Veterinarians examined Carl, performing x-rays to try and determine what could be causing the discomfort in his back-right leg. After reviewing the x-rays, it appeared that Carl had suffered an injury consistent with a gunshot wound. Veterinarians found multiple metal foreign objects that could have been a shattered bullet. It was determined that amputation of the back-right leg would provide the best quality of life for the loveable dog. Throughout all his treatment Carl’s happy and affectionate personality persistent. It came as no surprise that Carl was quickly adopted after he recovered from surgery and is now lounging in his new home providing a lifetime of love to a happy adopter.

Ivan living his best nine lives

Ivan’s bio at the shelter reads, playful and adoptable. Favorite things – kitty toys, greeting his friends and your attention. After meeting Ivan, it was obvious the cat’s personality was well represented in his bio. The affectionate and active 9-month-old cat wowed everyone he met. Ivan’s story started after he arrived at the Dumb Friends League with an injured left leg. While the cause of the injury was unknown, it was obvious that he would require veterinary care before finding his new home. Ivan, an indoor cat had escaped from his home and was found by his concerned owners injured. Due to travel, the owners were not able to provide care for him and they brought Ivan to the League where he would receive the attention necessary to alleviate his pain and discomfort. League veterinarians treated the open, necrotic wound on his leg and carefully treated an injury on his abdomen. Despite his pain, Ivan purred through exams and was patient as staff treated his injuries. Ivan recovered in a foster home, coming in for several bandage changes over a three-week time period. Healed, happy and adorable Ivan was adopted into a loving home!

You can make a difference to homeless pets in need

With support from our compassionate community, the Dumb Friends League helps thousands of animals in need just like Carl and Ivan. You can help homeless pets by making a life changing donation, volunteering or adopting a pet. Learn more at

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