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These are the good old days for Chevy

Happy ever afters occur each day at the Dumb Friends League, and sometimes when you least expect them. One such surprise happened to Karissa, who is one of the League’s offsite adoptions coordinators.

Last December, Chevy, a 14-year old pup, was relinquished to the League when her owner believed she was ill. The affectionate senior dog was a bit lethargic and overweight, and she had extensive matting, as well as a lower eyelid mass and moderate dental disease. Our veterinarians removed the mass and addressed the dental disease, and, in what could be called an episode of the good, the bad and the furry, our groomers tackled Chevy’s tangles of fur, which, when left untreated, can… and did… snowball into a painful situation. Despite her challenges, Chevy remained good-natured and fun to be around.

While Chevy was at the Quebec Street Shelter, she craved attention and was friendly with adults and children. In fact, her records say she was the best girl around! A little-known fun fact about working at the League is that there is no such thing as a bad day when you can bring one of our dogs into your work area. And, that is just how Karissa fell in love with Chevy. Karissa brought the sweet pup into her office, and that’s when she knew she had to come home with her. “I adopted Chevy two days before Christmas,” said Karissa. “I couldn’t bear to see her in the shelter for the holiday!”

“Chevy was noted as a lab/poodle mix when I adopted her,” said Karissa, “but many people ask if she is a wolfhound mix. To me, she’s just a Heinz 57!”

Chevy’s new life is full of unconditional affection. “She LOVES attention and pets from anyone who will give them,” said Karissa. “She also loves to steal bagels off the counter when no one is looking, car rides anytime she can and naps on the couch! Chevy also has a younger brother that keeps her on her toes that she likes to play with!”

As of last February, Chevy also has a job. She is an ambassadog and one of the League’s highly trained pets used in some of our humane education programs. What does it take to be an ambassadog? As the name suggests, an ambassadog is an ambassador for the Dumb Friends League and, as such, must be from a shelter or a rescue organization. Ambassadogs belong to either League staff or a volunteer and must be at least 1-year old and pass both a medical examination and a behavioral evaluation. Ambassadogs participate in about half of our available programs, and, to date, Chevy has helped our humane education team with 16 programs.

Karissa said, “I enrolled Chevy in the ambassadog program to educate and show that adopting an older dog is wonderful! Chevy still acts like a puppy much of the time, and you would never know her age! We can’t go anywhere without her drawing people in for pets! She has such a great personality and is still so full of life!”

Kids and adults love meeting our four-legged friends while learning about safe pet interactions and compassion for animals. “Chevy enjoys being an ambassadog and being able to interact and get pets and attention from everyone,” said Karissa. “She loves coming to work with me and knows when it’s her day to shine!”

If you’re interested in learning more about our Humane Education programs and ambassadogs, just click here. To learn more about pets available for adoption, visit our adoptions page or call 303.751.5772. All adoptions (and that includes working cats) include spay or neuter surgeries, age-appropriate vaccinations, a microchip ID and a free wellness visit with a participating veterinarian.

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