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Things Happen in Threes – Cat Adoption Story

Cat Adoption Threes

You’ve heard the saying, “Things always happen in threes,” right? We usually think of it as referring to negative events, but let’s talk about the great things that can happen in threes.

Take Nichole N., for example. When she walked into the Quebec Street Shelter recently, she didn’t plan on bringing three cats home that day, but life doesn’t always go as planned.

Over the years, Nichole and her family have welcomed several Dumb Friends League pets into their home. When her daughter moved out along with the family’s only pet at the time, Nichole decided she was ready to make her house feel like home again by adopting another pet (or three).

Nichole told our customer care staff that she wanted to adopt an adult cat and would consider two if the pair was bonded. That’s when our staff member Ben S. made a suggestion that changed everything for Nichole: “What about three?”

Cat Adoption: Party of Three

The cats Ben had in mind were Shiva, Pear and Brinie—three of more than 80 cats seized from a home in Sterling, Colo., earlier this year. During their time at the Dumb Friends League, the trio had formed a strong bond.

After seeing the three beautiful girls curled up together in a kitty condo and knowing they had been through so much together, Nichole couldn’t bear the thought of separating them.

So what happened next? You guessed it—Nichole adopted all three cats.

When Nichole first brought them home, she said that two of the girls hid from her regularly. Now that they are settled into their new home—with new names—Pippa (formerly Shiva), Cleo (formerly Pear) and Ginger (formerly Brinie) have become a social, adventurous crew who have access to endless toys, scratching posts and kitty condos strategically placed in front of various windows. And of course, lots of love.

Nichole tells us, “I’m so very happy that I adopted these girls. The minor bumps we’ve had were well worth it. I love them very much.”

So it’s true, things do happen in threes—great things.

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