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Toby scores a forever family

Toby now Shazier

Sometimes, the fourth time is the charm. At least that was the case with Toby finding his forever home. The energetic American bulldog had three homes before stealing Kristen B. and her family’s hearts.

When their beloved American bulldog passed away, Kristen and her family were devastated and knew they wanted another dog of the same breed. After deciding to help a homeless pet and not go to a breeder, Kristen found Toby on the Dumb Friend’s League website and decided to visit. The family immediately fell in love with Toby, and, after hearing his story, Kristen said, “We knew we had the patience to give him what he needed to become the dog that we needed.”

The League’s behavior technician explained to Kristen that Toby had tons of energy, and he needed to be with a family who had the time and patience to work with him. “We were told that Toby was a handful and that his last family had him for less than a day before returning him,” said Kristen. “What we saw, though, was a big dog that just needed to have expectations, stability and love.”

In February, Toby became a member of Kristen and her husband’s Steeler Nation family, and his named quickly changed to Shazier after their favorite player, Ryan Shazier. Just like his namesake, Kristen believes that 1-year-old Shazier the canine is defying the odds in his new home as his behavior improves, and he continues to show his intelligence and sense of humor. (Ryan suffered a spinal contusion in 2017, underwent surgery and continues to make progress with his recovery.)

“Both my husband and I work with students; I’m a teacher, and he’s a coach,” said Kristen. “Just like with children, dogs need to be shown how to act and be kept accountable.”

It took just a little bit of time before Shazier became completely adjusted to his new surroundings, but now he’s thriving. That’s a win for everyone!

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