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Tohui finds love at last


Who knew that so many of our friends and followers would be touched by the tale of Tohui, the “elderly gentledog” with health issues who had been at our shelter for over a month? Well, to be honest, we knew—because our community is filled with compassionate people who care deeply about the homeless pets in our care, whether small or large, youthful or mature, healthy or with special needs.

And because we received so much interest and so many well wishes for Tohui, we want to let you know that the little fellow found the home of his dreams shortly after being featured on our website and on Facebook. He was adopted by Kelli H., who reports that she is “over the moon that we were able to bring Tohui home!”

Tohui is surely over the moon as well, since Kelly has two other special-needs Chihuahuas and admits to a soft spot for Chi’s that need a little extra love and attention. Tohui will join his new siblings in receiving the best of care, including seeing a regular veterinarian, a wellness veterinarian and a veterinary cardiologist. In time, he’ll start “shy dog” training to help him gain confidence. And like his new pals, he’ll be hanging out in a heated bed during the day and sleeping with Kelly at night. What a life!

Says Kelly, “Tohui is doing great! He is slowly coming out of his shell, but we know this takes time and patience—a marathon rather than a sprint! But he is following me around and greeting us happily with the other dogs. He has been on walks with his pack and has done fabulously; best walker of them all, in fact. And all of the pups are getting along beautifully. We love him so much and just feel so blessed to have him here.”

She adds, “Please know he is so very, very loved, and we will do everything possible to give him the healthiest and most wonderful life we can. When we adopt a dog, we take it very seriously and promise each of them the very best we can give them!”

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