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Update: Mini-horses thriving in Colorado

We received a huge outpouring of interest and support in response to the 16 formerly neglected miniature horses we received in late September in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. The horses are doing great here in Colorado, and we wanted to update you on their progress.

Thanks to our generous community, we were also able to take in 19 additional miniature horses that were removed from the same neglectful owner by the Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in mid-August.

Your kindness is making it possible for us to provide these malnourished, unkempt and unhandled horses with the care they so desperately need. These tiny equines are spending their days consuming bale after bale of nourishing hay and working with our trainers to get used to being handled by humans. We’ve also been able to provide them with long-overdue veterinary care, including hoof care, grooming their tangled manes and floating teeth on 27 of the 35 horses we received.

It was a long journey to Colorado for these little horses, but our compassionate community has welcomed them with open arms. Many of the horses from the first group of minis have already been adopted and are settling into their new homes, while the rest are still receiving care and training at the Harmony Equine Center to prepare them for the next chapter of their lives.

Want to help the mini-horses still in our care? Donate today to help provide nutritious feed and gentle training!

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