Veterans Day

Veterans Day at the Dumb Friends League saw 74 pets find their forever homes with some of our Nation’s bravest citizens. Fees were waived on all pets for veterans and current military. The day was filled with lots of happy wags and gentle purrs as pets left with their new families, ready to share their homes and fill their hearts with love for years to come. Meet some incredible service members who became heroes to homeless pets that day.

Francis and Storm

Francis served in the United States Army from 1986 – 1990 and in the National Guard from 1996 – 2000. Arriving at the Dumb Friends League, he had a particular canine companion he was hoping to adopt. Francis was looking for a large to medium size dog that could be trained as a service dog. He has difficulty balancing and wanted to find a companion that would help keep him balanced while walking. He also needed a dog that was comfortable with his wheelchair and wouldn’t pull too much. Here we meet Storm, a 7-month-old Siberian husky who seemed to be just the right fit. Although young and energetic, Storm had good leash manners and most importantly, bonded with Francis, who was smitten with the young dog. The two left the shelter, happy and ready to embark on their new journey as best friends.

Steve and Gene

Steve visited the Dumb Friends League with his mother, Angela. He wanted to adopt a kitten to help him destress. Steve is actively serving as air traffic control for the United States Airforce. Love of animals runs in his family. Angela explained that pets seem to come to her for comfort, and it appeared she was right when Gene, a 4-month-old kitten, nestled into her neck, purring and making biscuits with his tiny paws. Steve reached for the kitten, grinning from ear to ear as Gene played with the zipper pulls on his uniform. It was immediately apparent that Gene was going to have the desired effect for Steve, providing calmness after a stressful day, and Steve, in return, would give him the best gift of all, a forever home.

A day filled with happy pet adoptions

These stories are just two of the 74 we experienced this Veterans Day. We could fill an entire book with happy outcomes for both pet and person alike. We hope that each of these veterans knows what a huge impact they are having on the lives of the cats, dogs and small pets that found new loving homes this past Monday.

If you are active or former military and missed the opportunity to adopt this Veterans Day, it’s not too late to find your new companion. Thanks to Lockheed Martin, the Dumb Friends League offers 50% off pet adoptions at the Buddy Center in Castle Rock and the Leslie A. Malone Center in Denver all year. It’s a small way for us to thank you for your service to our country. Visit or call 303.751.5772 to learn more about adopting a homeless pet.

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