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Volunteer Impact: The 2017 Furry Scurry

Furry Scurry Proposal

On Saturday, May 6, thousands of locals and their dogs converged in Denver’s Washington Park for the 24th annual Furry Scurry. The event, now a Denver staple, is one of the largest annual dog walks in the country and, year after year, thousands of dog lovers come together to celebrate their furry friends and raise money for the Dumb Friends League. This year the Furry Scurry welcomed over 5,351 registered participants, and approximately 10,000 human attendees and 5,000 dogs. Also in attendance was a cat in a stroller and even a pig, sporting a tutu and being pushed in a wagon by its guardian.

The Dumb Friends League receives approximately 20,000 animals each year at its three shelters and the Furry Scurry, being the League’s largest annual fundraiser, is invaluable in supporting the organization’s ability to care for these homeless pets. The Furry Scurry is an opportunity for the community to share in and contribute to the League’s success while providing fun and exercise for their furry friends. All event attendees—dogs included!—are helping these homeless pets as well by showing their commitment to the animals in our community. The event raised more than $980,000 to help provide loving care, expert veterinary treatment and gentle behavior training for the homeless pets and horses at Dumb Friends League Shelters.

In response to the question “Why do you walk?” participants named their own furry friends, or those who have passed, as inspiration for their involvement in the Furry Scurry. One participant said, “[I walk] to help the animals in need of a good home—like Harly, my cat—best cat I ever had.” For some, the event is a great opportunity to meet other dog lovers in the community. Two participants cited the ability to “make new dog friends” as their reason for coming on May 6.

Although the Furry Scurry is a special event for everyone who attends, two participants in particular will remember the day as noteworthy for the rest of their lives. After their walk, one of them got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend—and she said yes!

For all those of you who attended, walked, volunteered, or supported our event this year in spirit, we and the animals in our care thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The Furry Scurry is a joy to organize and take part in, and our organization would not be able to do what we do without the help of our staff, volunteers and incredibly compassionate and dedicated community of animal lovers. We’re already getting excited for the 25th Furry Scurry in 2018 where we hope to offer some special opportunities to celebrate our big anniversary. We hope to see you there!

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