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James Marcelo
My cat, Smokey, and I have been roommates going on six years. We’ve survived me having a stroke and his diabetes. I’m back to walking when I once could not, and he is in remission and back to his normal weight, jumping from when he was 6 pounds less and had such sore nerves that he could barely lift his behind to walk. I volunteer to help cats like Smokey find homes. He was so important for my rehab. Cat purrs have healing power. The Dumb Friends League saved Smokey when he was abandoned, so I give back to his orphanage per say to help other kitties in need.

Billie Hogan
I love fostering because I get the opportunity to make positive, lifelong impressions on kittens that will help them and their forever family. I love working with shelter cats; there are no words for taking a cat from frightened in a kennel to available for adoption. It’s a win-win.

Jeff Gardunio
Every shift, I fall in love with another fur baby but have not brought one home … yet. I love being able to just talk to and pet the adoptable dogs. Each one has their own unique personality, and each dog is absolutely amazing.

Ashley Hansford
Volunteering is my personal care from my everyday crazy life. It brings me so much happiness and a sense of fulfillment working with animals. I love being able to give back.

Robin Bathke
I’ve been volunteering at the Buddy Center going on 14 years, and I love the care and compassion that goes into providing homes for all the animals!

Beth Link
Why do I volunteer? Because it matters! Volunteering here feeds the soul. I love the animals and love the wonderful people I have met along the way. Every volunteer and employee is amazing and brings such loving care to animals. Here is a picture of me with Sugar. She is one of our four cats (all Dumb Friends League alumni). She is my only foster flunky. Hey, one flunk out of 80 fosters is OK, right?

Peggy Muldowney
I volunteer to give the animals whatever I can to help them through this chapter in their life, which can be confusing, scary and lonely until they get a second chance.

Karen Quinn
My cat Joey and I have been together for 14 years. In 2009, we had a house fire. Joey was the only survivor. We lost two other cats, one of which was his littermate. Joey is the reason I volunteer at the Buddy Center. He is the light of my life and I am so grateful for Joey!

Joan Campbell
Making a difference in the lives of homeless animals gives me a great deal of satisfaction and pure happiness. Getting a weekly fur fix, nose nuzzles, head boops and enjoying the company of other animal lovers are other fantastic benefits to volunteering!

Lisa Tupper
I love to volunteer at the Dumb Friends League because I love getting to help the animals and bond with them while they are waiting for their forever home. I love to make them comfortable while they are here. I love to see change in the animals while they are here. It’s amazing! And I love to learn all I can by taking all the classes I can that are taught by the staff. I love to learn about animals.

Your impact is HUGE!

The Dumb Friends League couldn’t do what we do without the support of our amazing volunteers. We were able to accomplish all the incredible things below because of you!

  • Dog walkers walked more than 6,050 dogs this fiscal year at the Buddy Center and the Quebec Street Shelter.
  • We have adopted out over 350 working cats this fiscal year.
  • We have taken in nearly 3,500 transfers from six different states this fiscal year.
  • We have received over 78,000 calls at our Call Center this fiscal year.
  • We have performed over 9,880 surgeries and medicated over 8,085 animals at our shelters this fiscal year.
  • We have processed over 18,238 pets in our Pet Admissions department this fiscal year.
  • We have groomed over 4,900 pets in our care this fiscal year and cleaned kennels more than 318,210 times.
  • We have performed more than 6,779 spay/neuter surgeries on our mobile units this fiscal year.
  • We have taught over 715 programs through our Humane Education department this year.
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