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Volunteer Spotlight: Bruce Law


by Rebecca Ledges

When you walk into the Buddy Center, one of the first smiling human faces you may see is Bruce Law. He volunteers at the front desk assisting customers with four legs and two, and sometimes three. Bruce’s most recent adoptee was William, a happy orange and white tripod cat who flew into Bruce’s heart and home after flying from California with a volunteer pilot who gave his time and airplane space to shelter transfer programs. Bruce knew quickly that William should join his family. Bruce also told me that, happily, he must tell families looking to adopt that when they connect with an animal there, they better act fast because the animals in the Buddy Center have short stays and fast adoption rates.

Including cat William (pictured here with Bruce), Bruce and his wife share their home with a total of six adopted cats including a Siamese named Houdini, litter mates Coley and Red Geoffrey, and another tripod named Katie (she lost her leg after the umbilical cord tangled around the limb). Bruce is drawn to those that need special love and have overcome special circumstances. He estimates that he and his wife have adopted 25 cats. He volunteers at the Buddy Center because he has felt so much love from his cats and wants to give some love back to those in the shelter.

Bruce grew up in South Africa and he immigrated to Canada to build a career in mining finance. His job took him to Chile, Oklahoma and, finally, to Denver.

Bruce also volunteers at the Buddy Center, giving cats enrichment, socialization and company. “The most rewarding part of volunteering is working with the people that come in,” he says. “Many are from out of state and are impressed with Buddy Center’s friendly, welcoming facilities.”

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