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Volunteer Spotlight: Caitlyn Cahill

Caitlyn with mom and dogs

One of the most rewarding experiences one can have, according to foster volunteer Caitlyn Cahill, is to witness a timid and frightened animal blossom in your home. Caitlyn has been fostering mother dogs and puppies for DFL since 2014. She discovered her passion for fostering when, as an Animal Control Officer for Douglas County, she received a call alerting her to puppies that had been abandoned in a trash can in Highlands Ranch. She and her mom took them into their home and bottle fed them until they were eight weeks and old enough to be put up for adoption.

Caitlyn’s niche is caring for puppies, with or without their moms. If they do not have their moms, she must bottle feed them every two hours. She is fortunate because she can take them to work with her. In the case of very young puppies (under four or five weeks), she must stimulate them to urinate and defecate. As they grow older, she socializes them in her yard. She typically fosters these pups for two months.

While Caitlyn is indeed a puppy expert, she says it’s important to have a diverse group of foster parents, including those who are willing to foster animals with medical issues, behavioral issues or animals simply in need of a change of scene from the shelter environment. Fostering is a match-making process.

Caitlyn enjoys following up on the dogs and puppies she has fostered to see the homes in which they have been placed. You might wonder whether Caitlyn has ever been a “foster failure.” Her answer is: “Yes, three times”! Caitlyn currently shares her home with her mom and five dogs.

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