Volunteer Spotlight: Connie Dawson


by Deb Marsh, volunteer writer
When Connie Dawson’s husband was diagnosed with cancer, she needed something to do that was just for her. That something was volunteering at the Buddy Center.

“I love cats,” Connie says. “I love their unique, individual personalities and I enjoy spending time with them. As our original cats passed through the years, we adopted more cats from the Buddy Center and had a wonderful experience each time.”

In Animal Care, Connie would feed and tidy up the kennel of each cat. One in particular tugged at her heart.

“The one I still think about the most is a grey tabby boy that was missing an eye,” Connie remembers. “Every time I opened his kennel, he would stand on his hind legs and give me a hug (really!) and purr. After about eight to 10 weeks of his not being adopted, I took two friends with me for a visit and to have a frank discussion about whether my adopting him would be a good idea. (I was a widow by then and had three cats.) We walked in to find he had been adopted out the day before. Things work out for the best because my mom moved in with me a year later and brought her two cats. Four cats in one house is my upper limit!”

Connie has held several volunteer positions at the Buddy Center. She started in Animal Care, then transferred to Kitty Comfort for a fresh challenge. Additionally, Connie has been a copywriter and backup photographer.

“The Buddy Center has been great to work around my need to take time off for my husband’s illness and eventual death and later my father’s passing,” Connie says. “It’s also very easy to schedule extra shifts when you have time on your hands!”