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Last resort website visit leads to tearful reunion

After a month, Cairra was beginning to lose hope of being reunited with her beloved cat, Chappie. The gorgeous medium-haired brown tabby wandered away from home a few days after the family moved into a new home. Heartbroken, Cairra and her family searched the neighborhood, posted signs and called and visited animal shelters closest to her home, but had no luck.

One of the shelters suggested Cairra check out the Dumb Friends League. She figured there was no chance someone would take Chappie to a shelter so much further from her home, but as a last resort, she visited After a disappointing visit to the lost and found page, Cairra decided to check out cats available for adoption. She scrolled through the adorable pictures of all the adoptable cats and couldn’t believe what she saw. Chappie’s sweet face was right there on her computer and she exclaimed, “that’s my cat!”

Cairra headed straight to the Quebec Street Shelter with so many questions going through her mind. Why was Chappie taken to a shelter farther from home when two others are much closer? Why didn’t she get a call when they scanned her microchip? All of Cairra’s questions would soon be answered.

Enter George, an adoptions associate at the Dumb Friends League. About a month earlier, George was getting ready to take his dogs out for a walk the night before the area’s first snow. As he opened his door, a cat darted into his home. You guessed it, that cat was Chappie. Since George works at the League, he wanted to bring her to a shelter where if she wasn’t claimed, he could personally help find her a home.

When George brought Chappie into the shelter, they discovered she had a microchip. Unfortunately, it was registered to the cat’s previous owner who said he had no contact with the current owner. Even though Cairra filled out the microchip paperwork to transfer contact information, something was wrong in the database.  Chappie waited through the standard five-day stray hold. After she wasn’t claimed, she received a medical and behavioral evaluation and became available for adoption.

For a month, George continued recommending the gorgeous girl to his customers, but person after person passed on her. Everything happens for a reason.

Luckily, on the day of Cairra and her family’s tearful reunion with their beloved cat, George was working. Smiling from ear to ear, neither could believe the events that led up to that moment. They laughed that Chappie was a smart kitty, picking the home of a Dumb Friends League employee to seek shelter from the cold. But most of all, they were both so happy that Chappie was going home, where she clearly belonged.

Luckily, this story has a happy ending, but sadly, many lost pets aren’t so lucky. That’s why it’s always important to make sure your pet is wearing a collar with tags and has a microchip ID. It’s a good idea to regularly check with the microchip company to ensure the information on file is correct and up to date, so if your pet does become lost, you have the best chance of having a happy, tearful reunion too.

Click to learn more about what to do if your pet goes missing, or if you find a lost pet. If you’re interested in adding a pet to your family, visit our adoptions page. All adoptions include a microchip ID that is registered to the adopter, as well as spay or neuter surgery, age-appropriate vaccinations and a free wellness visit with a participating veterinarian.

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