Who Will Choose You?

Sometimes, our pets have a way of choosing us rather than the other way around. It’s a common belief that we hear from a great many adopters who have visited our shelters. A longing look into your eyes…a tiny paw up on the kennel glass…an incessantly wagging tail that makes you smile—while that special connection may come in many different forms, our adopters agree when they tell us, “My pet chose me.”

We hear the oft-repeated refrain in the hundreds of emails, Facebook posts and letters we receive each year from people who have adopted pets from the Dumb Friends League. It sounds like this:

“Nearly 17 years ago, I stopped by your shelter to adopt my very first cat. I knew the one I would take home would pick me . . . and Peanut did.”

“Flint clearly chose us, or actually, he chose my youngest son.”

“Both of our cats picked us. Petey was not on our list, but he reached out to touch my husband as we walked by. That was the end of that—we knew he was coming home with us.”

Perhaps the pet that chose them was exactly what they came looking for. Other times, the pet they wound up taking home was a complete surprise. Someone arrives intent on finding a playful puppy, but an older dog who’s been around the block a few times makes eye contact just long enough to warrant a meeting—and the rest is happy history.

Whether it happens through careful planning or a twist of fate, the special connection that brings a particular pet and person together is pure magic. You’ll see some of these stories in our “Who Will Choose You?” ad campaign this spring—and if you’re curious about the answer to that question yourself, stop by one of our shelters. We’ll be happy to help you find out.