Wonderful Winnie

Being a mom is hard work. Every day brings a new challenge but also new joy. For our friend Winnie, this was certainly the case. This adorable, 1-year-old cat arrived at the Dumb Friends League in late April, pregnant and very sick. It was obvious very early on that this lady was a champion. Her affectionate personality was always present while she battled her illness and amazed us all at the resiliency of motherhood.

While it was originally thought that Winnie had tumors all along her stomach after being examined by Dumb Friends League Veterinarians it was discovered that not only was she pregnant but she had what is known as mastitis, meaning her mammary glands were infected – and her in case, very infected. The terrible condition not only put Winnie’s life at risk but the lives of her unborn kittens as well. And, her infection was so intense that we knew she would be unable to successfully nurse her kittens once they were born. Winnie was sent to a specially trained foster home to give birth and where she would receive the gentle care she needed to save her and her kitten’s lives. For three weeks she was given medication and made comfortable with hot-pack compressions to help provide relief from her pain.

On May 22, the moment we’d all been waiting for finally happened and Winnie gave birth to four healthy kittens. Winnie’s foster parent immediately started bottle feeding the kittens and provided them with the around the clock care they needed to survive. Just two days after giving birth, on May 24, Winnie went into surgery where our veterinary team performs a mastectomy to remove the diseased mammary tissue and ultimately save Winnie’s life. Winnie remained in foster care and after making a full recovery she was adopted into a loving home, where she is paying it forward by helping the adopter recover from the loss of her previous cat. Winnie has also made fast friends with the resident cat in her new home, Lorenzo.

Five weeks later Winnie’s four kittens are doing great in their foster home, they have all graduated from bottle feeding and are eating solid food. This foursome should be ready for adoption in just a few weeks – all will be spayed or neutered and are sure to be simply adorable – with names like Winnie Jr., Rainbow Dash, Pinky Pie and Apple Jack they must be!

To learn more about our Homes with Heart’s Foster Program or to view other pets available for adoption visit ddfl.org or call us at 303.751.5772. All adoptions include spay or neuter surgeries, age-appropriate vaccinations, a microchip ID and a free veterinary visit with a participating veterinarian.