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Working cat is working out nicely

Bear with horse friend

About six weeks ago, I started looking for a barn cat that would not only keep our current barn cat company, but also help keep up on the cat chores at our barn. I read about the “working cat” program at the Dumb Friends League and decided to inquire about it. I was contacted right away by one of the staff members who told me about the program and asked what I was looking for. She thought she might have a couple cats that would fit our needs.

A few days later we met Bear. He is a little over a year old and was brought to the DFL after not being quite suitable as an indoor cat. He gets a little overstimulated so is not necessarily safe for small children, he loved the outdoors more than the indoors, and he had a few episodes with his claws but overall was a pretty sweet cat. He sounded like he might be what we were looking for, so we brought him home.

We built him a large area inside our barn with a kennel to sleep in, plenty of space to run around, lots of toys and treats, and his own food and water area. We let him get acclimated for a couple weeks, only taking him out to pet him and let him run around the barn for small increments of time each day.

He has now been with us for about six weeks and has free rein of the property. He rarely leaves the barn but is free to roam if he wants to. If he does venture out, he is always back in the barn looking for his dinner and a treat, and ready to get in his crate and go to sleep around dusk! Bear is a very friendly, playful cat who loves the outdoors and is a bit too messy with his litter box and a little too wild to be an indoor cat, but is a perfect barn cat. He seems to love his new family, and we love him!

We are very thankful for the working cat program, and we hope to see more awareness of the program to help people understand what a barn cat is (they aren’t cats that get thrown outside with no food or shelter and have to take care of themselves) and how essential they are to people who have barns and properties. The Dumb Friends League does amazing work, and we are happy we were able to give Bear a second chance!

—Tina R., Henderson, Colo.

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