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Working Cats Work

Thinking about adopting a working cat (aka a barn cat or a mouser) but not sure if you’ll get the results you’re looking for? We know you don’t have any time to waste when it comes to keeping your grain safe and your wires from being chewed. Well, we’re here to assure you that working cats well … they work. Listen, we’re not here to offer any guarantees. These are living, breathing animals after all, not robo-cats (though that would be really cool). But we hear good things from those who have adopted and employed working cats.

“We don’t have a mouse problem at all anymore. I haven’t seen a chipmunk for a while and we don’t have a mole problem anymore either. No more chewed wires!” – Cathi

Adopter Frank had so much success with his first working cat Arlo that he has since adopted eight more to help him care for his 70,000 square foot property. That amount of land sounds like a lot of work to us, we can see why he needs several capable employees.

Now, we can’t lie to you, these cats will probably spend several hours a day napping on the job. When a sunbeam calls, you just can’t pass it up. But when a furry pest scurries by these ever-vigilant felines will spring (quite literally) into action. And sometimes, just the suggestion of those claws, the very presence of a cat in your barn/yard/garage/chicken coop, is enough to keep pests at bay.

Lest you worry about these cats’ quality of life let us reassure you with this quote from a recent adopter “These guys like to hang out in the sun on the back porch. When it’s cold, I make sure they have heating pads in their little houses.” All our working cats received spay/neuter surgery, a microchip ID, age-appropriate vaccinations and we require that adopters provide warm shelter, adequate food and water, and routine veterinary care.

If you’re interested in adopting your very own fluffy employee, please visit our working cats page to learn more. And, if a working cat isn’t right for your lifestyle, we ask you to share this article with someone who might be interested. These cats, like all cats, need safe and loving forever homes.

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