Working together for the good of animals throughout Colorado

Throughout the metro Denver community, the Dumb Friends League is a familiar name. Perhaps lesser known but critical to the welfare of animals throughout the state is the Colorado Humane Society (CHS). Since 2010, CHS has been an affiliate agency of the League, and now both organizations are excited to share the news that the board of directors for the Dumb Friends League and CHS approved a merger of the two institutions.

Under the same name, while operating as a program of the League, CHS will continue to work to prevent and investigate cases of animal neglect and mistreatment, as well as promote animal welfare throughout Colorado, giving pets and horses a second chance. The recent removal of 57 horses from a severely neglectful situation demonstrates our commitment to ensuring animals receive the respect and care they deserve. Malnourished and severely underweight, the horses were in imminent danger, and immediate action was necessary.

“Since 2010, CHS has operated as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the League; merging the two organizations eliminates the duplication of administrative activities while strengthening our statewide work and presence,” said President and CEO Apryl Steele.

Outreach and training are vital to educating law enforcement officers about animal welfare and laws. The League will continue to work with these agencies to educate pet and equine owners about proper animal care and help them bring the care of their animals into compliance with the law. The League and CHS currently serve 45 counties throughout Colorado, and six state-commissioned agents travel throughout the state.

The Dumb Friends League and CHS, working collectively as one, will address pet homelessness and animal suffering. The organizations will continue to operate entirely on grants and donations and are not funded or managed by national advocacy groups or government agencies. Learn more about CHS at