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Yorkie Reunited With Owners After Four Long Years

In April 2011, Rodeon V. left his beloved and well-trained Yorkie, J, at home while he went out. When he returned 20 minutes later, the front door was open—and J was gone. Rodeon searched the neighborhood and local shelters for the little dog, but to no avail. Time passed. His daughter, who was less than a year old at the time of J’s disappearance, is now 4, and he and wife Marina have a new baby.

On Monday, Rodeon and Marina received a call they never thought they’d get from our Lost and Found department. A good Samaritan had found J running loose and brought him to our shelter. We traced J to Rodeon through his microchip—and within a couple hours, the family was at our shelter, waiting for long-lost J.

Rodeon worried that J might not remember him after more than four years—but his fears were unfounded. Not only did J make a beeline for Rodeon, yelping and squirming with joy, but the little fellow also instantly remembered his commands when Rodeon asked him to sit, lie down and roll over. It was a beautiful day for Rodeon and his family, for J, and for everyone who witnessed their happy reunion at the Dumb Friends League.

Without a microchip, J and Rodeon would never have found each other! If your pet isn’t microchipped, please ask your veterinarian about this simple, painless procedure. And if your pet is chipped, make sure your current contact information and address are registered with HomeAgain Pet Recovery Service or the chip manufacturer.

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