Other Pet Process

Cat, Kitten and small mammal adoption process:

We are only offering adoptions appointments for cats, kittens and small mammals by phone at this time. We are not offering in-person adoptions appointments yet, but hope to do so once we’ve figured out how to safely allow staff, volunteers and patrons into our building at the same time. During these adoptions consultations, we will discuss your preferences, understand your circumstances and offer guidance in selecting an appropriate pet.

Only one adoption inquiry submission per person will be accepted. Once your inquiry is received, the picture of the pet you have selected will be removed from the website. Please note that due to the amount of time it takes for inquiries to be processed, it is possible that someone else may have submitted an inquiry ahead of you, so we cannot guarantee that the pet you are interested in adopting will be available at the time of your consultation. Our adoptions are on a first come, first serve basis. We will contact you either way and look forward to speaking with you about adopting a new pet!

Learn more about virtual adoptions in our frequently asked questions below:

What are adoption consultations by phone?

Please visit the adoption page at ddfl.org/adoption to view adoptable pets and read their bios. When you find a pet you are interested in, select the “START ADOPTION PROCESS” button (if you do not see this text on the button, please clear your browser history). By selecting this button and filling out this questionnaire, you are submitting a request to learn more about this pet and proceed with an adoption if the animal is a good match. Please only submit an inquiry for one animal. One of our staff members will call you within 48 to 72 hours and provide a virtual adoptions counsel covering all known information about the pet. Please be prepared to finalize an adoption within 24 hours after the form is submitted. If you have general questions about an available pet, call 303.751.5772.

If I’m speaking to an adoptions counselor, why do I have to fill out the questionnaire?

The questionnaire helps guide our adoptions counselors when looking at the animals in our care and your preferences. They want to be ready to talk about what pet may work for you on your call!

Do I get to meet the pet before I make the decision to adopt?

We are currently not offering meet and greets for cats, kittens and small mammals prior to adoption.

Since I can’t meet the pet, what happens if it is not the right fit for me and my family?

Sometimes things don’t work out, and we understand. We want what is best for you and the pet, so we will gladly accept the pet back into our care and refund your adoption fee if, for any reason, the pet you adopt is not a fit for you and your family. When returning the pet to our care, we ask that you share what you’ve learned about their personality, so we can better match them with a new family in the future.

Why am I only able to submit one adoption inquiry?

When an adoption inquiry is submitted, the pet, if still available for adoption, is removed from the website and placed on a temporary hold until your consultation. If one person submits inquiries for multiple animals with the intention of adopting only one, they are potentially preventing a pet from finding a new home.

What if I don’t see the “START ADOPTION PROCESS” button?

If you visited our adoption page recently, it might be cached in your browser. Please clear your browser’s history. The “START ADOPTION PROCESS” button should show up when you click on an individual animal bio.

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