Vera and Joseph Dresner Foundation

Vera and Joseph Dresner Foundation is dedicated to transforming lives in positive ways through grants focused on health, youth and family, and animal welfare. Vera and Joseph Dresner Foundation works with organizations to create opportunity, impact communities, and promote wellbeing. Vera and Joseph Dresner Foundation is making a profound impact at the Dumb Friends League through their support of the Building A Better Way Home behavior area renovation and construction project. The new space enables our behavior team to provide optimum care and the greatest number of new beginnings and second chances for homeless animals that need additional behavior support to put their best paw forward.

The Dumb Friends League’s longstanding commitment to exceptional care, alongside its vision to increase and enhance its behavioral services stood out to the foundation’s board,” said Lori Dresner, president of Vera and Joseph Dresner Foundation. “The state-of-the-art, improved facility will ensure that the League profoundly advances animal welfare into the future.”

Programs Supported at The League:

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