Due to an unprecedented number of animals in our care, the Dumb Friends League will accept dog and small pet surrenders by appointment only. Please visit the Pet Surrender page to schedule a time. Read More

PawCast – The Dumb Friends League Podcast

What is the Dumb Friends League Pawcast?

Welcome to the Dumb Friends League Pawcast! If you’re an animal lover, you’ve come to the right place. This podcast covers anything and everything pet and animal related. Hosted and produced by the Dumb Friends League, an animal welfare organization based out of Colorado. Listen in, as we interview experts in the animal welfare world to talk about important issues such as pet behavior, animal shelters, veterinary care, happy adoptions stories, investigations, and so much more! Have you ever wanted to know how to introduce your new puppy to your older dog? Do you want to be inspired by amazing stories of the human animal bond? Maybe you’d like to know more about how non-profit animal shelters work. We are here to give you and inside look at the world of animal welfare.


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When and Where Can I Listen?

New episodes come out on the 3rd Wednesday of every month! You can listen on whichever podcast platform that you prefer, just search “Dumb Friends League Pawcast”. You can also listen on the podcast player below!


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The Dumb Friends League Pawcast is written and hosted by Maia Brusseau, Joan Thielen and Lizzy Byrd. Intro music is by Kyle Warner.