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Regardless of your dog or cat’s behavior, we offer several free options to help!

Our team of behavior specialists provides enrichment, daily training, and when necessary, additional behavior support to pets in our shelters so that they become the best possible candidates for adoption.

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It is not uncommon for cat owners to experience situations where their cats wake them up during the night by meowing, scratching at the door, or knocking things off shelves and counter tops.

Reasons why:

  • Cats are crepuscular, which means that they are most active at dawn and dusk....

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Cats will sometimes eat strings, rubber bands, towels, or other objects, which may result in a variety of problems for both you and your pet. Not only can your possessions be destroyed or damaged, but these objects can produce life-threatening blockages in your pet's intestines. Eating non-food items is...

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Some veterinarians partner with the Dumb Friends League to ensure that animals in our community receive the best possible care. Here is the list of those hospitals should you desire to patronize them: Alpenview Veterinary Hospital Blue Spruce Animal Clinic Brooklyn Veterinary Clinic Cat Specialist

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Cat Friendly Homes® explains the risk factors, symptoms and treatment of Feline diabetes, known as diabetes mellitus.

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Our Animal Behavior Helpline counselors have completed an extensive training program taught by animal behavior professionals. They are able to assist pet owners with many types of problems; however, there are some that can't be resolved by email or phone, because it isn't safe or accurate to diagnose certain problems...

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Over the years, I've had numerous conversations with folks telling me they have trouble stopping their horses. I often hear, "I've tried this bit, I've tried that bridle, and nothing seems to get my horse to stop." If you have this problem, you're certainly not alone–but in order to correct...

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Cats are the most popular pet in the United States (and on the Internet!). Cats offer companionship, unconditional love, entertainment, affection, lots of purring, comfortable silences and they're trainable! Cats are:

  • Happy living indoors
  • Neat, grooming themselves regularly
  • Use a litter box without training, which is easily cleanable
  • Pest...

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Knowing why dogs bite and what to do to keep yourself safe is important. Dogs may bite for the following reasons:

  • Fear or surprise
  • Excitement
  • Pain or sickness
  • Protecting property


The noises and movements you make when you play are very exciting to dogs. When dogs play...

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If you find a wild animal, please refrain from touching and or moving the animal until you reference these resources:

Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Phone: 970.472.4300

Phone: 303.239.4501, after hours - dispatched by State Troopers

Wildlife Rehabilitation by County

Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center


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Animal shelters throughout the country take in millions of lost cats each year and 99 out of 100 of these cats have no identification. Less than three out of 100 lost cats are ever reclaimed by their owners, and usually one of those three has an identification tag. The owners...

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Congratulations! We are very excited that you have decided to adopt a new cat. We want this to be a positive experience so that you and your new cat can live happily together for a long time, so here are some tips for starting your new relationship...

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We are so excited that you decided to adopt your new dog! We want this to be a positive experience so that you and your new dog can live happily together for a long time, so here are some tips for starting your new relationship off on...

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