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Getting help for your pet

Regardless of your dog or cat’s behavior, we offer several free options to help!

Our team of behavior specialists provides enrichment, daily training, and when necessary, additional behavior support to pets in our shelters so that they become the best possible candidates for adoption.

Other resources

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See a list of other Metro Denver area veterinary care facilities.

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Subsidized Food Bank/Human Services Organizations

Many food banks and city human services organizations offer pet food, so please check your local food bank and city website for pet food assistance.

Food Bank of the...

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Why is it important to spay or neuter my cat?

First, your cat will be healthier and live longer. Second, your cat will have fewer behavior problems. Urinating or marking in the house, redirected territorial aggression, and constant meowing from being in heat can be directly related to a cat...

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Dogs will sometimes eat socks, rocks, or other objects, which may result in a variety of problems for both you and your pet. Not only can your possessions be destroyed or damaged, but these items can produce life-threatening blockages in your pet's intestines. Eating non-food items is called pica....

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