Alternatives to Pet Surrender

In Pet Surrender, we offer compassion and understanding to owners who relinquish their pets and a warm welcome to the animals that are being entrusted to our care.

We understand that situations can arise that may cause you to question whether keeping a pet is the best option for you or for the pet. We also know that the bond between a person and a pet can be very strong, and that keeping that bond intact is usually preferable. That’s why we offer a variety of resources that may make it possible for you to keep your pet.

Below are examples of the most common reasons for pet relinquishment. If you don’t see yours, please check our Resource Library.

Moving/don’t have adequate housing

Finding a pet-friendly rental has never been easier. Learn how to find pet-friendly housing, be a good renter with a pet and move successfully with pets once you find a place.

Learn more about housing options

Inability to pay for needed veterinary care

Veterinarians throughout Colorado provide subsidized veterinary care for those who cannot afford it. The Dumb Friends League Solutions – Veterinary Hospital helps pet owners with extreme financial hardship. For more information, please call 303.722.5800.

Find other subsidized veterinary care

Inability to pay for pet food

If you cannot afford to pay for pet food, there are options for you. Many food banks and local human-services organizations offer pet and equine food assistance.

Get pet-food assistance

General financial issues

If you’re temporarily having problems affording food or litter for your pet, please contact our shelters at 303.751.5772. If we have extra supplies, we may be able to help you until you get back on your feet.

Contact us for supplies

Behavior issues

If your pet is acting in undesirable ways, we may be able to help. Search our behavior handout library or speak with one of our behavior specialists.

Get behavior help

Too many pets/unexpected litter

If you have too many pets or your pet has an unexpected litter, please never abandon your pet or the new litter. The Dumb Friends League will accept all owner-surrendered pets, including litters. Animals relinquished by their owners do not have to go through a five-day hold period, so please make sure our Pet Admissions staff knows that your pet is not a stray animal.

Learn more about surrendering pets

Domestic-violence issues

Some domestic violence shelters are equipped to accept families of domestic violence along with their pets. Sheltering Animals & Families Together (SAF-T), a national initiative, enables more domestic-violence victims to leave abusive households without leaving their pets behind and at risk.

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View a list of shelters provided by SAF-T

Still Need to Surrender a Pet?

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