Pet Surrender Process

In Pet Surrender, we offer compassion and understanding to owners who relinquish their pets and a warm welcome to the animals that are being entrusted to our care.

Before you decide to give up your pet, please review our alternatives to surrendering your pet.

If, despite your best efforts, it is necessary to give up your pet, we are here to help.

Our goal is to find a happy home for every healthy and treatable pet in our care. We achieve this by gathering information about the pets that come into our shelters. For this reason, we recommend that you make an appointment to surrender your pet so that we may learn as much as possible about it. Although we can’t guarantee placement for any pet, we are proud to save more than 19,000 lives every year.

How to surrender your pet

Schedule an appointment – Fill out the online form below to schedule an appointment to surrender your pet at:

Or call 303.751.5772 to schedule an appointment. We accept all pets, with the exception of livestock, reptiles, wild animals or other exotic pets. If you have found a stray pet, please see our Lost & Found page.

What to bring to the shelter

  • Pet records – Bring a copy of your pet’s vaccination and veterinary records to your appointment.
  • Behavior information – Be prepared to discuss your pet’s daily habits and behaviors.
  • Safe transportation – Be sure that dogs are on leashes and cats or other small animals are in carriers.

Where to go

Pet Intake – Please enter through the doors marked Pet Intake. If you are in Denver, visit our Quebec Street Shelter. If you are in Castle Rock, visit the Buddy Center.

What to expect

  • Appointment length – Your appointment will take approximately 30-45 minutes and may include a health exam and behavior evaluation of your pet.
  • Options – After we have gathered information about your pet and the evaluation is complete, we will discuss your options with you so that you can make the best decision for your pet.
  • Cost to surrender – Please note that we will ask for a $30 donation to be put toward the cost of your pet’s care during its stay with us. Any additional donation you are able to make beyond the $30 is appreciated, as the average cost to care for a pet until it is adopted is about $450.