Pet Guardianship Program

A safe, caring home for your pets

The Pet Guardianship program allows you to designate the Dumb Friends League as temporary guardian for any pets that may outlive you. The service is available to cats, dogs, birds, small mammals, and horses, whether or not they were adopted from our shelters.

Pets are picked up by trusted staff members, brought to our shelters as VIPs, and cared for as dear friends. While we search for the perfect new family, the pet stays in a volunteer foster home where they are nurtured by trained, loving foster parents. They’ll also have access to medical care and vaccines, as needed and appropriate, from our veterinary staff to ensure their health. Horses and other equine will enjoy life at our Harmony Equine Center until adopted.

How to enroll

The first step is to make a provision for a gift to the Dumb Friends League in your estate plan. Then, let us know using our Estate-Planning Notification form, so we can add you as a member of the Founders Society.

  • You’ll need to fill out the Pet Guardianship Notification form to officially enroll your pets in the program.
  • Next, you’ll receive a pet profile booklet for each animal you wish to enroll. You can submit additional pet profiles to enroll animals you adopt in the future. Here you can provide detailed care instructions that will be given to your pet’s future guardians.
  • Finally, provide us with a photo of each pet you’re enrolling for identification.

Interested in the Pet Guardianship program? Contact Rory Fry at 720.241.7163 or