Challenging Your Cat to Improve Performance and Reliability

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Training Tips

By this time, your cat can probably perform a few behaviors, such as “sit,” “touch” and “watch me,” some of the time. However, you’ve probably found that with any small change in the environment your cat may “forget” what he’s just learned. Teaching your cat the new behavior and its cue are only the first step. Your cat hasn’t truly mastered these new skills until he is able to perform reliably, which is at least 90 percent of the time, in the presence of distractions.

Training Procedure

  1. Mastering any new behavior usually involves these five steps:
  2. Get the behavior.
  3. Name the behavior, using a verbal or visual cue.
  4. Make it a little harder, changing distance, duration, speed and precision, one aspect at a time and in small increments.
  5. Add distractions.

Rules for Making It Harder

Adding Distractions