Teaching your Cat to Come When Called

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The cat comes when called, touching his nose to person’s hand or comes close enough to rub on the person.

How to Teach:

Come: To teach come, first teach your cat to target (see our handout: “Teaching Your Cat To Target”). Once your cat stretches he’s neck to touch your hand, begin to hold it far enough away that he has to get up or move his entire body to touch your hand. Continue to increase the distance between your hand and the cat in small increments until you are several feet from the cat.

Adding the cue: You are ready to add the cue when your cat consistently crosses a room to touch his noes to your hand. Say “come” as your cat starts to move in your direction. After a few sessions of saying it when your cat moves, you can start to say “come” before he moves. From there you can say “come” when in another room. Remember to have the behavior consistent though before you start using verbal cues.