The Educated Dog

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An educated dog is a healthier, happier dog. By training your dog, you will not only strengthen the bond between you and your dog, but build their confidence and reduce any anxiety your dog may be feeling.

An Educated Dog:

By training your dog, you can help prevent tragedy and develop a better relationship with him. Keep in mind, however, that even an educated dog needs supervision, instruction and boundaries – sometimes even physical boundaries. Allowing your dog, no matter how educated he may be, to walk, run, roam outside of a fenced area, or off a leash, is putting him in danger.

Selecting a Class

Check the Yellow Pages under “pet training” or “dog training” or visit and click on trainer search. Your local park or recreation department may also offer classes in your neighborhood.

Here are some tips to help select an obedience class that’s right for you:

Our behavior helpline is also available for assistance with dog behavior problems. Call 303.751.5772. Ext. 1359.